Have you done a good, thorough and honest job?

Have you tried to explore, describe or explain in an open and unbiased way?

Or are you more concerned with delivering the required answer or selecting evidence to support a case?


As someone who has worked as a journalist (and who will always consider herself one at heart, if only a little), there’s one word in the above questions that is extremely important to me: unbiased. Robsen says the required answers are yes, yes and no, respectively. I hope that I can fulfill that.

As a reporter, I sometimes had to report upon things with which I did not agree. Or I had to report upon things that had multiple sides and differing viewpoints. The greatest compliment I received one day was after I wrote a school board news article about McCormick County. In the same day, I received a phone call from the superintendent (who was on one side of the argument) and a call from a school board member (who was on the other side). Both were happy with my article and said they believed I fairly represented their issues.

I include this little tidbit that’s seemingly unrelated to my own project, because I want to stress how important I feel remaining unbiased is to me. Even if I firmly believe one thing, objectivity is important when sharing research, because otherwise no one will take you seriously. And if you remain objective, and share both viewpoints, when your research is complete, people cannot say that you were unfair and that your results are skewed.


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