When dealing with children for a research proposal, ethics is an important factor. As I’ve been trying to strengthen and narrow down my idea for proposal, I’ve had to give thought on how to involve children without issue.

The biggest thing I can think of is to request permission from the administrators, teachers and parents. Unfortunately, getting “approval” from the children themselves isn’t really an option (because the parents have ultimate say), but I can try to figure out ways to make them agreeable to participating in any student. Their feedback to any proposal would be key.

I would need to strongly research how other projects have undergone “in the classroom” studies to see how they manage and what is recommended when dealing with public school children.

As I consider more about my proposal, I’m really considering less reluctant readers and more reading methods…how much does environment and access to different reading materials play a part? I’m formulating an idea in my mind…but more on that later.


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