New year…new thoughts

OK, so it’s been awhile. After further study, I agree with my comments from a year ago – I definitely tend to the flexible, qualitative design of study when doing research. However, I can see where a multi-strategy would be beneficial.

My working title thus far is Identifying Causes, Effects and Solutions for Low Literacy in Reluctant Adolescent Readers. Of course, that could be shortened greatly, but it identifies the scope of my proposal.

So while developing some research questions regarding Reluctant Readers and Low Literacy, things I’d like to answer include:

What are some of the causes of reluctant readers?

How often is the issue related to learning disabilities or some other known diagnosis? (ADD, Dyslexia, etc.)

How much does poverty play into low literacy?

What are the ramifications of low literacy?

What are some solutions? What ideas have teachers, librarians and others found that help?


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