A history of journaling

Before I begin this research journal, I’m going to give a brief history of my journaling career.

I’ve never been much of a journal writer, even though I love journals. I love the feel of a new journal, the open empty pages just waiting for my thoughts. But most of these books are left mostly unfilled – I have always had difficulty maintaining a journal once it’s begun.

During my undergraduate years, I had a journal writing project for creative writing. I was supposed to log in story ideas and whatnot, with at least two-three entries per week. Instead, I often sat and filled up the required number of pages the night before the professor was scheduled to look at them (he never graded us, just checked to ensure it was done).


That being said, I will make an effort to work diligently on this research blog, at least for the duration of this course.

One comment on “A history of journaling

  1. Paul Solomon says:

    I am not going to grade the research blog per se. You will get full points if you try it. I will be looking at it from time to time and will comment if I have something to add.

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